Stallion Power Truck Electrical 12 Feet Coiled Cable ABS Duty

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12 Feet Truck Anti-Skid Brake Cable Assemblies

Heavy Duty in service, but lightness in weight eliminates wear and tear to electrical sockets!

Virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE Xenoy® plugs with sure fitting "D" contacts. The plugs are corrosion proof and are tougher than metal plugs. Temperature range is -70 F to +400 F. The Philaprene jacket construction provides a tight coil memory, maximum abrasion resistance and maximum reliability. Conductors performance 4/12, 2/10, & 1/8.

Application: to couple electrical power to tractor lighting between tractor and trailer.

Made in the USA!

Benefits & Features

  • Stallion Power Electrical Coiled Cables Anatomy
  • Sag Proof Memory
  • Maximum Performance at -70F to +400F
  • No Damage When Dragged or Tossed
  • Not Effected By Road Salt or Chemicals
  • Patented Socket Locking Grip Prevents Accidental Disconnect From a Pull Force of up to 420 lbs
  • Resistant to Driver's Abuse
  • No Wear and Tear to Sockets
  • Sure Fitting "D" Contacts
  • Chamfer Cable Guard
  • 3 Years Warranty
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